Sunday, June 17, 2012

21 Things To Do By 22: A Goal List

For my 21 by 22 list I wanted to focus on things that I've always wanted to do and would get me out of my shell. Additionally, I wanted them to be things I could easily document because I'm very visual and seeing my progress will help me keep going. So without further ado, here is my list!

1// Take good pictures of me & Casey. Casey and I have maybe two pictures of us together. While I do want more than just on set of pictures, Casey and I are in desperate need. So I thought it would be nice to take the time and use my camera to get some good pictures of us at least once.  

2// Complete a quilt. I took a quilting class a while back and I loved it but haven't touched the craft since. I really want to change that and finish a quilt. I've already got a pattern in mind, a beautiful batik piece for my bed.

3// Take a trip on my own. I'm trying to not be so shy about doing things by myself. Doing new things on my own makes me nervous. I want to try and get over that and the best thing to do is get out there! I want to explore the local area more but maybe I'll take my trip somewhere further. We will just have to see what trip will cross this off the list.

4// Knit a sweater of other large project. Ever since I started knitting I've been afraid to take on large projects, especially ones that required circular knitting needles. For my birthday my parents bought me there beautiful circular knitting needles and I intend to put them to use.

5// Go to a Capitals game. The Capitals is the local hockey team and I've been to a game before, it was so exciting! I look forward to going again.

6// Sew myself a dress. This is something fun that I would like to do and it'd be pretty neat to have a one of a kind dress. I've already picked out some patterns and fabric but I might need my Mom's help with this project. She sewed a lot of my clothes and Halloween costumes when I was little and it would be wise to take advantage of her experience.

7// Meet Danielle Corsetto & Jeph Jacques. These two are a couple of my favorite web comic authors. I've always intended to go and meet them and get some sketches/autographs. They'll both be at an event nearby in September and you can count on me being there.

8// Go shooting (range or skeet). A few summers ago I was visiting family in Michigan and I went skeet shooting with my cousins and brothers. I wasn't good at all, I only nearly hit one haha. Regardless, it was fun and I would like to try again as a fun thing to do from time to time.

9// Crochet a project. I've started on this one, I'm working on a little bow clutch and so far so good, I just have to make sure I finish. Then crochet a lot more things. A lot.

10// Graduate from college. In the fall I start my senior year (hooray) and my birthday just about lines up with the end of the semester.

11// Be accepted to graduate school. However, my journey through the education system does not end with college. After I graduate from college, I will move on to graduate school to get a master's in school counseling to attain my dream job of a guidance counselor.

12// Go see a musical. I love musicals, they are so much fun yet I hardly go to them. Casey and I already have plans to see The Addams Family in July, he bought tickets for our anniversary.

13// Finish a Song of Ice & Fire series. Been desperately meaning to get this done, but time gets away from me and I like to get through books quickly and that has not been easy with this series. First because the books are a thousand pages long and second because I simply have not had the time to sit down and read them for hours on end. However, no more excuses, this summer I will finish!

14// Celebrate 2 years with Casey. I can't believe that I'm about to celebrate two years with my honey. I'll share our love story on our anniversary and don't worry, it's a goody.

15// Watch the sunrise. Here I was trying to think about the little things that get taken for granted and the first thing that popped in my head was a sunrise. Waking up early with my honey and snuggling in a blanket watching the sunrise from the back of his pickup would just be so romantic.

16// Make jewelry. Yet another craft I want to dip into.

17// Make a floral arrangement for myself. Flowers are beautiful and I deserve to treat myself, so I will! Putting in the work to pick out the flowers and arrange them will make the experience that much sweeter.

18// Decorate a cake. I've been quite the little baker, particularly cupcakes. For Christmas my parents got me the master tip set from Wilton and a little intro to cake decorating book. So beware future cake you will be made beautiful by me!

19// Climb Sugarloaf Mountain. Sugarloaf is a nearby mountain that I have actually climbed up elementary school. The mountain is a part of the local scenery that I wish to absorb. Perhaps I will go sometime in the fall, I imagine it will be filled with beautiful colors.

20// Have a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes. Almost everybody has heard of Georgetown Cupcakes especially with their recent popularity due to their TV show. One of their bakeries is nearby but I have yet to try one of their cupcakes. This is a hype I have to get in on even if it's just once.

21// Explore Ellicott City. A local, somewhat small town, that I have driven through once. I want to go and explore their main street because it seems to be filled with many little shops. I'll probably look around more than just the main street, but that is a place to start!

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