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Hi there! I'm Erin. A gal in my early twenties enjoying the in between years (college and graduate school/career). I live in Maryland about 20 minutes from Washington, D.C. My main squeeze is Casey; I tell the story of how we met and got together here. I'm mama to 3 kitten babies: Waffles (white and brown tabby) lives with me, Isabella Tinkerballs (a.k.a. Izzie; tortie) & Rupert Brimstone (a.k.a. Rupee; black) live with Casey. You can read about Waffles' adoption story here. Izzie & Rupert's adoption story is here.

I've started a mission (oh man that sounds so dramatic) to make sure every day is exactly or almost exactly what I want it to be. My happiness and enjoyment starts to be threatened if I spend too much time being idle.  To try and avoid such threats, I attempt to keep my days busy and filled with things I enjoy (even if I'm not in the mood to enjoy). Things I enjoy and my busy days and are what I aim to blog about. Well what does that include? I'll tell you! That includes my personal style, projects I'm whipping (or in some cases churning) up,  daily life,  kitties, recipes (particularly baking!), photos, the occasional vlog, and things that catch my fancy.

I became interested in blogging because I wanted some way to document my happenings and that documentation would motivate me to keep going; to have more adventures, be independent and confident, take more pictures, be more creative, and actually use that creativity to well, create. This blog also gives me a place to reach out to others who have chosen the same outlet for their similar interests and passions. 

If this page didn't contain enough information to satisfy your curiosities about me, I welcome you to look through these posts!

xo Erin

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