Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Confession: I'm a Procrastinator

I always considered myself just a planner and not a doer; I had never though of myself as a procrastinator until last week. I was sitting around in the evening thinking about doing something that required going to Target. I thought to myself, "I'll go tomorrow", then it dawned on me that I was procrastinating, big time. I never called myself a procrastinator because I wouldn't brush off doing big important tasks, just smaller ones that I would enjoy. Planning is my method of procrastination.

I am organized and a super planner. How could someone who is so organized not get so much done? What happens is I make lists and I plan, then forget all about those pieces of paper or open tabs on my browser. I'll see them and think I want to do that, oh I'll get to it, then guess what? I hardly ever do.

What was stopping me from going to Target right then and there? The answer is myself. I started thinking about my actions more and saw my procrastination pattern. I never realized it before because whenever I put something off at the time I knew I would do it, I just "wanted a fresh day to do it". Well that's silly! Unfortunately this happens so frequently that many projects are forgotten.

No more I say! I will use my powers of planning and organization for good, not evil procrastination! No more lists getting shoved into piles or left open web pages. When I find a project or anything, I will act in the near future if not right away. New embroidery pattern I want to try? Bam, get supplies and done. Somewhere I want to volunteer or a training class I want to take? Double bam, email sent and call made. Now that I have identified the problem as procrastination, I feel more confident that I can change.

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