Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photo an Hour// July 11, 2012

9am// Getting up and having some breakfast. Eggo Thick & Fluffy waffles is where it's at man with some good ol' Peach and Mango V8 Light juice.

10am// Getting ready for the day.

11am// Catching up on the internet.

12pm// Time for lunch! Massive quarter pound hot dog which we had to finish the pack of before I can eat normal sized ones again. Yummy Baked Lays BBQ chips and My Little Pony gummies! I'm so healthy I know, at least my drink was water! So refreshing.

1pm// I played some Mass Effect.

2pm// I worked on knitting my blanket while watching some Xena.

3pm & 4pm// I played some New Super Mario Bros on the Wii. I thought about playing Kirby again, but Mario won since you can only save at the castles (lame).

5pm// Casey got off of work and picked me up in his manly man truck.

6pm// Free Slurpee time! The guy that Casey is buds with was working and he let us get bigger Slurpees for free mwhaha.

7pm// Time for making dinner. Tortellini tonight!

By this point I stopped taking pictures and was hanging out with my honey. We watched the Stepford Wives then just hung out. After coming home, I'm about to play Mario Kart with my buddy then read Clash of Kings then go beddy bye. Tomorrow and Friday I get to babysit hooray!

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