Monday, April 1, 2013

Ms. Waffles // One Month Anniversary

Exactly one month ago I brought home this lovely and fluffy little girl. My life had been feeling like it had a hole and I knew a kitten was exactly what I needed. I headed over to our local pet store (where a rescue rents a space) to see who they had. Then I saw her, I saw the b-e-a-u-t-ful Waffles. I fell in love with her instantly. Unfortunately, there wasn't an adoption counselor in sight! So I headed home and thought about her all night.

The next morning I waited anxiously through errands with my dad until we got home again so I could jump into my car. I pretty much ran to my car upon arriving home and went straight to Waffles. I was so afraid someone would swoop in and steal her from me, I would have been devastated. But luckily she was still there, sleeping away in her bed, and so was an adoption counselor (there I mean, not sleeping haha)! I took her out to pet her and she almost immediately starting cuddling up against me, I knew she was meant to be my kitten. We got the paperwork under way, I did some shopping, then she was mine to take home.

She slept the first couple of days and was of course adorable. She progressively got more playful and she becomes a little speed racer when she's all full of energy. She follows me around the house almost constantly, like my own little shadow. She even waits by the door for a good amount of time whenever I leave. She is very talkative, always letting me know she's there and what's up. She loooves looking out the window at birds and does so while sitting on my bed and waiting for me to wake up. I'm very much looking forward to spending the next 15 years (fingers crossed!) with her.

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