Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Izzie & Rupert // Adoption Story

Since I shared Waffles' adoption story, I figured it would only be appropriate to share Rupert and Izzie's as well. Rupert and Izzie were kind of impulse adopted. We had talked about adopting a cat, put weren't exactly planning to the day we got Izzie and Rupert. The setting was a few days before Christmas; I suggested to Casey that we just see what cats they had before we got dinner and saw The Hobbit. You can probably guess where this is going. Rupert and Izzie (at the time named Hannah) were together in a cage at 4 months old with a note that they are bonded and should be adopted together. Part of why they were bonded is because they are from the same litter! Yes, our Mr. Rupert and Miss Izzie and brother and sister.

Casey always wanted a tortoiseshell cat and Izzie just happened to be exactly that. We went in and got to hold them; I held Rupert and Casey held Izzie. They immediately started crawling  up on our shoulders and then Rupert nuzzled me! I turned to Casey and said "he nuzzled me, we have to get them!". Casey was hesitant because he didn't want to get two cats. But the adoption counselor was very persuasive about two cats being better than one.

We told the adoption counselor we needed to talk about it then we'd be back. Well there wasn't much discussion because really Casey was already saying yes but just couldn't admit he was saying yes. We picked up my checkbook and hurried back to get them! I went around shopping while Casey did the paperwork. They were a bit sick so they gave us medicine they had been giving them. Then we took them home! As you probably guessed, we didn't make it to The Hobbit that night.

They explored  the apartment fairly quickly but spent most of their time under the coffee table or snuggling with us on the couch. We even did a little laser pointer play, sending them up the walls. I faught to keep Rupert named Rupert because I really liked the name. However we wanted to change Izzie /Hannah's name; Casey's friend brainstormed some names for us and we both really like Isabella. Just like that, she was renamed.

As I mentioned the little kittens were sick and they kept getting worse and worse (if you couldn't tell by how nasty Rupert looks in some of the pictures) . Once we got them to the vet he gave us better antibiotics and some gel for their eyes (which had gotten very red). I had the pleasure of administering their medications and they got better fairly quickly.

Now they're 10 1/2 months old and basically full grown. It's really hard to remember how tiny they were when we got them without looking at the pictures. Rupert, especially, has grown a bunch. He's a little over 12 pounds! He is our big, big boy. I can't help but pat his big belly whenever I hold him. Izzie is keeping things petite at a little over 9 pounds. We were actually surprised she was even that much. She's so itty bitty, especially compared to Rupert. It's been amazing having them, they are the best kitties. 

Oh man, now I'm reminiscing about their adoption and how adorable they were, and how adorable they are now. I need to go snuggle them now, kbye.

xo Erin

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