Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Projects // Giant Granny Square Blanket

Look at this beast of a blanket. I knew when I finished college I wanted to start getting busy with crafting. The Giant Granny Square Blanket had been on my mind since first seeing it and seemed like a manageable large project. After Meredith completed hers, I was convinced this would be a fun project and I made it one of my summer goals. This blanket is and will probably remain the largest yarn project I ever made. Surprisingly, it only took about a month of casual crochet to complete! 

Meredith was not joking when she said this project eats up yarn. I don't even remember how many times I went to Michael's while working on this blanket. I had to have been at least 7-8 times, including going 3 times one week. One day I went to pick up more yarn and I had apparently already bought all the cream color in TWO stores! I had to go a third store where they thankfully had some.

I used the pattern from Purl Bee except that I repeated colors instead of using a different color each color round. I also substituted with Loops & Threads™ Cozy Wool yarn from Michael's. The colors I used include Fleece, Spearmint, Golden Rod, Thunder, Velvet, and Clematis. I tried to keep track of how much I used of each, but I got so caught up in the project that I kept forgetting to mark it down! 

Izzie loooved whenever I would bring this blanket to work on at Casey's. She would climb into my lap and knead it and then lay down (you can see the photo evidence here, she also licked me). Which was adorable but also made it difficult for me to keep working since I couldn't rotate the blanket with her on it! I'm thinking of making her a mini version with the left over yarn since I probably won't be hauling this massive thing over to Casey's anymore. 

Waffles made an appearance when I was taking photos, mostly because she saw a bird outside. I'm not sure how I'm going to store this blanket. For now folding it over the end of the bed, as pictured above, seems best. I would fold it up more but it is HEAVY which makes folding it semi-tiring. I will be using it every night too, so why burden myself with the folding and unfolding every day.

What large projects have you taken on recently? Would you crochet this giant blanket?

xo Erin


  1. Wow!!! Your blanket is beautiful! I love the colors you used. I am glad you tackled this monster blanket! It is definitely worth it in the end. :)

  2. what hook size did you use? looks good


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