Sunday, August 12, 2012

What I Learned #2

I am recovering from a bad 24 hour sickness thing. I say "sickness thing" because I'm not entirely sure what it was aside from having insomnia and being nauseated. I got to crash at Casey's because I didn't want to be miserable, which I would have been if I just stayed at home.

Anyway! The theory is that my body doesn't tolerate gin which is uh, not fun. Friday night was only the third time I had gin so I'm still not positive if gin was the culprit. The first time I had plenty of other drinks besides the gin and tonics so my illness I was that night can't be pinpointed on the gin (it was my first real night out since turning 21, I did not treat my body like a temple). Then the second time the huge storm happened and I'm pretty sure I slept fine so yeah, who knows. Maybe the heat because of no air conditioning kept me asleep.

On Friday I made this mixed drink that was a float too (with ice cream) and woke up at 2am when the insomnia and nausea started and lasted until Sunday morning! Fun times; I made a mess out of Casey's apartment. In my defense I wasn't in my proper state of mind. This whole occurrence is just another reminder to be careful with alcohol; the quantity and rate of consumption. Yay adulthood!

*Edit: About a week later I got sick after a beer, so maybe there's a bigger issue. Uh oh.

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