Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Get it Together Binder

I am a very visual person. Being very visual can cause difficulties sometimes. Difficulties such as not clearly remembering previously laid out plans or wants and goals and just general forgetfulness. To combat these difficulties, I made myself what I call a "Get it Together" binder. When I made this binder I was kind of fed up with myself. I was fed up with constantly losing myself and continuously wasting time and not working towards anything. I needed to, well, get "it" together; "it" being myself. I keep this binder on top of my desk, I never put it away fearing I'll forget everything I put inside it.

Items I have in this binder include:

// Year Long Calendar. I have a year long calendar so I can keep in mind where I am within the larger span of the year. This is important because I have some long term events that are months away which I'm looking forward to. Those events (which occur in a year) keep me going a lot of the time so it's nice to see how much closer I get each month.

// Monthly Calendars. I'll keep a few monthly calendars rotating so I can write down more specific occurrences. I use the monthly calendars to plan things like baking, or things I need to do for blog posts. I also use the monthly calendars for things I just need to remember like season premiers of TV shows or movies being released.

// Goals. I keep my goal lists within this binder as well. Currently I have my summer goals, 22 by 23, and money goals.

// Erin Web. I drew a web to have a visual representation of myself. The web helps me keep in mind who I am, where I plan to go, and what I do. For example I have a present section (which is now out of date since I'm in a limbo between present and near-future) which lists me as undergrad student and research assistant. Then I have a near future where I list potential jobs. Finally a future section which includes being a graduate student which will lead to being a guidance counselor. Then I have other sections such a hobbies and blogger.

// Portrait of INFJ. I printed out a portrait of an INFJ (my Meyers-Briggs type) because it is a very accurate description of me and it's useful sometimes to have that written out because it can help me when I'm feeling lost. When I read it sometimes I understand my behavior and thought processes more and in turn I can better tackle whatever is going on.

// Timeline. I have a personal time line of how I would like my life to go. This timeline is helpful to me because it helps me remember what I want and when I plan to have it happen in my life. For example getting a job, apply and going to graduate school, moving, getting married, starting my career, starting a family, etc.

// Casey Stuff. The Casey Stuff sleeve includes love notes he's written me and cards he's given me. Some of these are from trying times in our relationship, so they're nice to look back on to remember how strong we are. I also have a list of things I need(ed) to work on to make our relationship even better and make us both happier.

How do you keep track of all the craziness in your life?

xo Erin

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  1. I love this idea! I'm generally super organized, but I also tend to write down every sudden thought I get on a scrap of paper or post-it and then worry that I'll lose them. I try to keep things to specified notebooks, but I might try a modified version of what you've shown here to keep my life and blogging stuff in order. Thanks for sharing! xo


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